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EV fast charging stations

A complete suite of DC fast chargers, available in a broad power range, from 5 kW to 200 kW.

Based on charging technology fielded for more than 20 years in the industry, our DC fast charge stations are capable of charging EV batteries in minutes (depending on conditions of the battery and ability to support rapid charge cycles), safely and automatically, eliminating range anxiety and allowing long distance travels with electric cars.
Size, footprint and communication interface with POS systems allow seamless integration into existing gas stations.

Common Features
  • Intuitive interface, fully automatic operation
  • Complete electronic protection
  • CANBUS interface & analog protection wires
  • Indoor and Outdoor rated versions
  • Communication interfaces to POS and Web-based supervision system
  • Single, Dual and Quad port configuration
  • Optional CHAdeMO compliant systems
  • Optional COMBO compliant systems
  • Unparalleled efficiency and power factor
  • Protocol integration between your BMS, on-board chargers and DC fast charging stations.
60kW Charging Station - SAE COMBO Connector

60kW Charging Station - SAE COMBO Connector