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Multivoltage Chargers

The MVD is a universal battery charger, digitally controlled and programmable.


It can operate with batteries of any type, from individual cells to complete packs, and it can be programmed to support applications of any type (Formation, Conditioning, Recovery, Desulphation and Regeneration).


It is based on a new power conversion technology, featuring an unprecedented combination of very high efficiency, unity power factor (PFC), universal capabilities and precise charge control.


The MVD features a very complete set of charging curves, and the user can add toit by programming new ones without limitations through a very simple procedure.


Thanks to the ultra-filtered output current, this charger ensures a minimal temperature rise in the battery during the recharge process. Moreover, the MVD is suitable to charge battery types that require perfectly constant current and virtually zero ripple (e.g. Lithium packs).


The MVD is equipped with an alphanumeric display & keyboard, Charge History Logger, Programmable Real-Time Clock and Calendar, Audible Alarm and Connectivity package, which is compatible with wireless Battery Identification Modules and the WEB based Fleet Management System (




Main Features


  • The Most Energy Efficient technology available

  • Very Reliable design, easy maintenance

  • True Universal Charging capability: Multi-Voltage, Multi-Capacity, Multi-Chemistry, from single cell to full battery packs

  • Full set of standard charging curves factory programmed

  • Possibility to Create and Save Customized Charging curves of any type

  • Intelligent electronic protection system (includes soft-start, battery polarity reversal, output short circuit and over-temperature)

  • Very quiet operation

  • Battery voltage/temperature compensation (battery temperature probe required)

  • Anti-Arcing protection (auxiliary wires required)




  • Wireless connection to

  • Extended data-logger with USB port

  • Enclosure type IP54 or NEMA 3R (outdoor rated)

  • Submersible probe for battery temperature