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Battery Identification Modules

Bassi Srl offers a complete set of Battery Identification and Protection modules.

The BMOD series is designed to identify and control batteries in any application. The construction is simple and robust, and the installation is extremely simple: only two wires need to be connected to the battery poles.

Thanks to the exclusive wireless interface, they communicate with the enabled battery chargers (series MFC, IGBT and MVD) and can be programmed very easily with battery ID code, nominal voltage, capacity, chemistry, etc...

When BMOD modules are used, the capabilities of the entire fleet are extended: charger history logs will include battery and vehicle details, and it will be possible to track the entire battery life through the Web based Fleet Management System (

The possibilities are infinite. Please contact the Bassi sales staff to know more.



  • Opportunity and Rapid charging
  • Battery protection in harsh environments
  • Vehicle identification



  • Driver identification
  • Anti-theft system
  • Factory programmed lots
BMOD - Wireless Battery Identification Module

BMOD - Wireless Battery Identification Module