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Battery dischargers & testers

The BDX is an automatic battery discharger/analyzer, designed to test the efficiency of industrial batteries of any type, voltage and capacity.
This equipment can be programmed to discharge the battery with a precisely controlled constant current, adjustable from zero to the maximum rated value, while keeping the battery voltage under control.
While the discharge is in progress, the control board measures the total capacity (Ampere-Hours) discharged from the battery.
When the battery voltage reaches the minimum programmed value, or when the maximum programmed test time is reached, the BDX shuts
down automatically, while the measured parameters remain available to the user.

The BDX is very simple to use and does not require particular training. The programming of the test requires less than 2 minutes and theoperation is completely automatic.

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Key Features

  • Battery voltages up to 400 V and maximum discharge current up to 200 A
  • Electronic polarity reversal and anti-arcing protection (without fuses).
  • Auto-Test at power-on.
  • Integrated DataLogger.
  • Connection interfaces RS-232 and USB.
  • Wireless interfaces (available upon request).
  • Extended Analysis and Reporting capabilities with the TrendCOM PC software.
  • Exporting capability to external spreadsheets (Microsoft Excel, OpenOffice CALC and others).
  • Unlimited parallel operation for high power discharge tests, managed by PC software.
  • Temperature protection of all the power components and resistor bank.
  • Heavy duty metal wheels, with ball bearings, covered with rubber.
  • AC input 110/120 Vac or 220/240 Vac, 50/60Hz
  • CE version and, cCSAus Listed version available (reference standards UL 61010-1, and CSA 22.2 61010.1-04)