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Bruno Bassi started his activity in the field of battery powered vehicles in 1968, when he was a designer of forklift trucks.
In 1974, with his wife Tiziana, he founded the company "BASSI BRUNO ELETTROMECCANICA & C." and began the production of battery chargers in their garage, with just one worker.

With passion and perseverance, our founder has personally designed every component of his chargers, including power transformers and control boards, aiming for the best performance and reliability. Our first products had good success in the Italian market, so in 80's the company moved to its first proprietary manufacturing facility and
established partnerships with several manufacturers of electric vehicles, focusing on forklift trucks and golf carts.
In the 90's we began to export our chargers and to diversify our product range, with the introduction of UPS (uninterruptible power supplies) for mission critical applications like surgery rooms and emergency lighting, PLCs and control panels for industrial automation, equipment and instrumentation for battery formation and testing.



In the early 2000's, Andrea Bassi, the son of the founders, took the position of Technical Director, after completing his studies in Electrical Engineering.
Under his leadership, the company has went through an extraordinary path of technological innovation that has enabled us to achieve the position of market leader in several areas. We have designed more than one thousand  power electronic devices for mission critical applications (aerospace, railway, medical, oil & gas), we have been pioneers in fast-charging methodologies, and we have developed original technologies that maximize the efficiency of battery chargers, thus allowing users to save energy and to reduce the carbon footprint of electric vehicles.

In the last decade, we have composed a team of world-class engineers. Our approach is simple: we aim to attract top talents and to create the ideal working environment for them.

Our investments in research and development have exceeded 10% of turnover and this commitment has enabled us to achieve the technological superiority that is recognized, today, by the most important and influential customers worldwide.    

In order to support our sales everywhere in the World, our production has been restructured on a global scale. This organization allows us to serve multinational companies who have chosen to rely on us for the design and production of their systems.



Last year a new expansion of our headquarters was completed. The covered area has been doubled, and the automation of our manufacturing processes has been brought up to a new level, as required to continue our growth and to maximize our efficiency.

Our engineering team will continue to improve our products and develop new ones, concentrating in the areas of electrical mobility and power electronics for mission critical applications.

We have been on the market for more than 44 years, but we consider ourselves a young company with a great potential to be expressed!
The first Bassi charger (1974)

The first Bassi charger (1974)

Automation control for FIAT production lines (1980)

Automation control for FIAT production lines (1980)

The first high-frequency converter (1989)

The first high-frequency converter (1989)