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Cookie Policies

A cookie is a file of small dimension that a website sends to the browser and it has been saved into your computer when you visit a website like Cookies are used for the proper functioning of the website, to increase performances or to give useful information to website owner.
Which type of cookies are used, and why?

* Technical/analytic Cookies
* This cookies are used for example by Google Analytics for collect statistics on surfing use cases on the website through the computer or mobile devices, on how many pages are visited, or how many clicks have been done on a page during the visit. treats this results anonymously and only for statistical reason.

How can I disable cookies?
The majority of the browsers (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, Chrome etc.) are configured to accept cookies. The most of them permits to control and even to disable the cookies through the settings. We advise you that in case you disable them, you could encounter issue on the website and/or limit the service we can offer you. In order to know more on the cookies and how to handle with them, please visit To disable analytics cookie, in order to avoid Google data collection,you can download browser's addon